About Bassam Frangieh

Bassam Frangieh is a scholar of Arabic language and literature, currently serving as a Professor of Arabic in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Claremont McKenna College in California. Bassam Frangieh has earned recognition for his skill as a teacher, translator, and editor.

Bassam Frangieh maintains a full schedule at Claremont McKenna College, serving as the Director of the school’s Arabic language program, conducting research, and hosting frequent cultural events. In addition, he is leading a study abroad program in Amman, Jordan, for students of all Claremont Colleges. In 2010, Bassam Frangieh won Claremont McKenna college’s Glenn R. Huntoon Teaching Award, which is awarded annually to the professor voted most effective by the student body.

Bassam Frangieh is known for his thoughtful translations of Arabic novels and poetry into English. Among other works, Bassam Frangieh has translated Halim Barakat’s novel The Crane; Sun on a Cloudy Day by Hanna Mina; and the poetry of Abdul Wahab al-Bayati and Nizar Kabbani.

Bassam Frangieh also applies his knowledge of literature as a member of the Editorial Board for the Modern Language Association’s Texts and Translations Series, and served as Editor-at-Large for the acquisition of foreign language textbooks by Yale University Press. Bassam Frangieh also served on the editorial advisory board of Kalimat, a magazine of Arabic and English creative writing, from 2005 to 2007.

Bassam Frangieh holds a Master of Arts in Arabic Language, Linguistics, and Literature, and a Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature from Georgetown University. He completed his undergraduate studies in Arabic language and literature at Damascus University in Syria. Bassam Frangieh is a member of the Modern Language Association, and the Middle East Studies Association.


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